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Roles assignment
Sharing folder
Level matching
Mixup plugin
HD audio streaming
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Download manager
Password protection
Private notepad
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White label
Approval feature
Spatial Audio
For high-volume professionals and multi-client collaboration.
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Spatial Audio

Elevate your audio experience to new heights! Dive into immersive soundscapes and redefine the boundaries of your mixes.


Allow your collaborators to download your source file and compressed mp3 formats.

Password protection

Generate & reset passwords for trusted link sharing across teams.

Roles assignment

Adds a roles system to your music projects, letting you control permissions for Admins, Downloaders, Contributors, or Listeners.

Level matching between versions

Avoid loudness bias by automatically matching levels between versions. Help clients compare your work to their favorite songs on streaming services. (Spotify, Youtube etc...)

White label

Branding is everything. Use your own logo on your projects.

Approval tagging system

Make sure your team members vote and approve one specific version before final delivery

HD audio streaming

Give your clients the best commenting experience by streaming songs in WAV format (up to 48kHz/16bits) in real time.

Mixup plugin

Upload songs, reply to your team's comments, compare versions in real time, mark comments as solved, directly from your DAW.

Private notepad

Add your private notes per track. Only you can see it.